Monthly Archives: October 2011

Many cleaning products that you buy in the store are made with harsh chemicals, which are hard on your skin as well as the environment. Did you know that you can make your own homemade versions of essential cleaning products which will be completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly?

Your resume is the first impression that your potential employer will have of you, and you want it to knock their socks off so that they have no choice but to invite you for an interview! Writing a killer resume that gets you in the door at your dream position is challenging, but completely worth the extra effort.

The best way to avoid feeling tired in the mornings is of course to get a good night’s sleep the night before, but sometimes life keeps us up late for whatever reason and we just don’t get the rest that we need. On these mornings we need to jump start our brains so that we can manage to function and make it through the day.

Sometimes in life we feel ourselves overwhelmed by demands on us from all sides. Our bosses and coworkers expect a lot at work, our friends expect us always to go out and have fun, and our families need us to support them. Eager to please and to avoid disappointing anyone we care about, we push ourselves to the limit to say “yes” to every request. However, being a superhero and meeting everyone else’s needs is an exhausting task that can only be kept up for so long.

We have all rolled a squishy lump of Silly Putty in our hands as a child and remember the strange feeling of this one-of-a-kind substance. It is bouncy, yet flows like a liquid, and will even break from a sharp blow. It is one of those toys that you spent hours playing with as a child, but did you know that the same brightly coloured wad of Silly Putty can also teach you many lessons for success as an adult?