Monthly Archives: January 2013

With the weather peaking at perfection and the visitor season in high gear, Scottsdale’s events during the month of February are something for everyone. With the month starting with the final rounds of the Waste Management Open, Scottsdale also welcomes the Native Trails Celebration, the Celebration of Fine Art, the Spring Training Festival and start […]

Mortgage rates moved higher Wednesday up congressional leaders voted to avoid the “Fiscal Cliff”. Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) fell as investors bid up stock prices. Confidence among investors and consumers typically causes mortgage rates to rise. That’s what happened Wednesday. For Thursday and Friday, expect jobs data to dictate where Scottsdale mortgage rates are headed. The […]

It’s January 2 and our “Fiscal Cliff” crisis has been averted. I’m not going to pretend I know everything there is about the fiscal cliff (who names this stuff anyway?!), but I am going to highlight what it means to the world of Real Estate. (Disclaimer: We are not licensed CPA’s and are merely passing […]

Some natural disasters can be forecast — hurricanes, snow storms and, in some cases, flooding. Other disasters occur unexpectedly, such as tornadoes and earthquakes. As a homeowner or renter in Scottsdale , it’s a safe idea to prepare for disaster or unexpected emergency. Every home should maintain a ready, working emergency kit for such a […]