Some natural disasters can be forecast — hurricanes, snow storms and, in some cases, flooding. Other disasters occur unexpectedly, such as tornadoes and earthquakes. As a homeowner or renter in Scottsdale , it’s a safe idea to prepare for disaster or unexpected emergency. Every home should maintain a ready, working emergency kit for such a […]

If you enjoy both history and fixing things, then you may have trouble driving by historic homes for sale in Scottsdale without feeling the urge to buy and fix one up. Before you do, however, you should know the three R’s of fixing historic homes — Restoration, Renovation, and Repair. Restoration “Restoration” is the process […]

A simple way to save money is to improve your home’s energy efficiency rating.  For example, Scottsdale homeowners can save up to 9 percent per year on water heating costs simply by installing a water heater jacket. Water heater jackets are easy to install. Here’s how you do it : First, before you go shopping, […]