We like to joke around and say that while other Realtors still send postcards with the name of their favorite handyman or carpet cleaner, we would rather provide our clients and customers with information they can really use. As a homeowner, I want to know two things: what’s going on around me, and what’s going on with my house. I can ask anyone for a service referral, but I need something more robust for my main needs. So I decided to write a little bit about two of my favorite services, ePropertyWatch and Brightnest.


As a homeowner, especially while climbing out of the equity abyss, I want to know what’s happening all around me. Of course we have a lot of tools as Realtors to accomplish this, but if I’m just wearing my homeowner hat for a minute, ePropertyWatch is an indespensible tool.

For starters, ePropertyWatch is owned by CoreLogic, the leading source of information, data, and analytics to the Real Estate industry. ePropertyWatch offers 3 excellent services: 1) Sales data, 2) foreclosure data, and 3) lien fraud monitoring. And it’s FREE. When a property sale in your area closes, you’ll receive an email. Same with a notice of foreclosure filed somewhere in your neighborhood. But I know what you’re thinking – lien fraud? Lien fraud has been on the rise in recent years, and ePropertyWatch will monitor your address at the Tax Records department, alerting you any time a lien is placed on your home. Many times they are erroneous.

Last year, we sold a home in Kierland where the seller had a common name. Turns out there was a judgment recorded against the property, but to a person with the same name who resided out of state. Had ePropertyWatch been monitoring this address, the seller would have been notified months prior to selling the property and avoided a time-consuming hiccup in the closing process. While this doesn’t happen often, it’s nice to know it won’t sneak up on me.

And did I mention it’s FREE? This is an amazing, can’t-do-without service. Check it out and sign up here.


“Honey, what color did we use to paint the kid’s rooms???”

Don’t tell me you’ve never heard that question. That’s okay, I have something that will make you look like a hero. Brightnest is the answer to every busy homeowner’s question of “how in the world do I know how and when to maintain my home?” Brightnest empowers you to be proactive – not reactive – through a short questionairre about your home, then custom-tailors a home maintenance program based on the details of your home, where you live, and so on.

Receive great tips on how to care for your water heater, when to change your air conditioning filters, or reminders to check your smoke alarms. And with the handy HomeFolio feature, Brightnest allows you to enter all of your paint colors and appliance owner manuals and store them online. And like ePropertyWatch, it’s FREE.

The best part about Brightnest? When it’s time to sell your home, Brightnest will create a beautiful pdf document to hand over to your prospective buyers to prove that your home has been thoughtfully maintained during your time of ownership, building way more value than a Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement ever could.

Check out Brightnest and sign up here.

We know you will enjoy these two value-adding products. Any time you are wondering about a product that may be out there that can help, get in touch with us and ask.

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