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ePropertyWatch lien fraud

A few weeks back we did a short video and explanation on a fantastic monitoring service called ePropertyWatch. This free service monitors documents that are recorded at your local recorder’s office. Users are sent alerts if there is a sale in the immediate neighborhood, a notice of foreclosure filed close by, or when a lien is filed on the user’s property.

Seems as though most users we signed up were really excited for the accurate sales and foreclosure info, which makes sense as those events immediately affect their family’s balance sheet.

Incredibly important, and not to be overlooked, is ePropertyWatch’s lien monitoring service.

We recently had a transaction where the sellers had owned the home for 7 years. They put it on the market to sell, an offer was made, and they signed it. 3 days later the title report comes.


An IRS lien for over $13,000 and a judgment for another $3,000 had been placed on the home in 2009. Nobody knew. This instance has to do with the Seller’s name being almost identical to the individual who these bills actually belong to. It’s not their fault – but it’s certainly their problem. The Sellers will have to spend some time with the Title Company working to get these items removed for the sale to move forward.

Imagine if that was your situation? You have a great buyer you fear may become spooked. Or you have a quick-close buyer and you need the cash for another purchase. Or perhaps you are in a short sale with a lender-mandated close of escrow date.

ePropertyWatch will send you an alert when a lien is recorded. This way if it’s erroneous or fraudulent, you can work on a solution immediately versus being shocked during escrow crunch time.

This FREE service is vital to every homeowner. It does not spam the user and we consider it a must-have in your personal protection arsenal.

Please visit this link and sign up for ePropertyWatch today.

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