Social media is finally shrinking.

Facebook allowed us to connect with people we grew up with, local friends, family who lives out of town, and “like” national and international brands to stay informed of their products and services. Twitter keeps us on top of international news, specific subjects, and people from all genres of interest.

That’s all great. So you’re connected with people from all walks of life, everywhere in the world.

With all of those connections, how many of them can find you a babysitter for Saturday night? Or have the power tool you need, right now? Or even just a reputable pool service?

Enter Nextdoor.

While other social networks are excellent for expanding your reach to the ends of the Internet, Nextdoor puts the focus squarely on your neighborhood.

Nextdoor is a no-nonsense, cleanly-designed interface that connects people who live within a neighborhood’s boundaries. After a simple sign-up and address verification, you’re able to jump into the timeline and join or begin conversations with other neighbors. There are no “add friend” tabs, no followers, no likes, no cat videos or pictures of kids with missing teeth. It’s unassuming and unintimidating – It’s been built for everyone to use.

The most interesting part of Nextdoor? The conversations are useful and relevant. Someone asks for a babysitter, and there are several immediate responses. Handyman, pool service, plumber…anything you can think of results in excellent ideas, recommendations and responses. Want to get some people together for a happy hour (we did)? Easily create an event. Want to share gardening tips? Start a group in a few clicks. Lost your pet? Make an urgent alert (we’ve found several). Had a great experience at the corner pizza shop? Tell everyone about it.

This all leads to an incredibly connected, safer, more integrated neighborhood.

Gary and I could not be happier with starting our own Nextdoor communities. We are both very established in our particular areas and have vested interests in making them the best possible places to live. Gary and his family have lived in their neighborhood since 1989; he and his wife have many significant, long-standing friendships during their time in Old Town Scottsdale. I have lived in McCormick Ranch with my family for 9 years, and also have developed many deep friendships, as well as spending significant time in school events and youth sports. We’ve both met many new neighbors, even ones that live just around the corner, in the past few months that have translated into “offline” relationships.

The increased member base is starting to open up more opportunities for residents – we just procured our first “Nextdoor Deal” at a local business with a discount for all members. Above all, it’s fun and meaningful.

While much of the Internet has created a hermit society, Nextdoor has nailed a platform for the local community, creating more introductions, communal sharing, and a stronger, more connected neighborhood. We’re thrilled to be a part of it. Check out and see if your community has been created.


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