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Using Valuation Models and Appraisals to Determine Value

Today I’m discussing using valuation models and appraisals to determine value of property. In today’s Real Estate market over 93% of the buyers and sellers are turning to the internet to start their home search. Additionally they are also using the internet to determine the value of their current home or a home they may be thinking of purchasing. The video discuses online valuation models and uses a residential home located in Scottsdale, Arizona as a subject property. The viewer will see the different comparisons of four valuation models, including popular Zillow and Trulia, and how it compares to the actual appraised value of the subject property. This is a very interesting comparison on how these values can vary greatly from one model to another. As pointed out by the MayMontemore Team of Real Living Success Realty in McCormick Ranch, the use of a professional Real Estate Agent is very important in trying to wade through all of the different valuation models homeowners use to get to the Real Value of a particular property. Give Gary May and Gene Montemore a call at 480-295-4550 or visit us at

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