We are not just Real Estate Agents, we are Real Estate Marketers

Marketing Real Estate has changed. The chance you’ve looked online for Real Estate listings or home values is 98%. We know this and excel at searching for new ways to get more eyeballs on our listings. More eyeballs on the screen equal more buyers in the door. More buyers in the door equals more competition for your property.

Our clients are successful because we are constantly adapting

We’ve carefully created an unmatched, best-in-class marketing plan that incorporates foundation databases (MLS and inclusion to the major Real Estate portals), search-optimized marketing (Internet presence, HD video, searchable photo albums), mobile device-friendly signage, and social storyboarding (effective social media techniques that include interactive photography and leverage local businesses). We regularly review and tweak what works, what doesn’t, and what new marketing techniques can be incorporated.

Our experience during the transaction is paramount to your success

Gene Montemore reached major milestones with the largest Real Estate company in the world. We’ve honed our skills through hundreds of transactions. Strategic negotiating. Outside-the-box solutions to obstacles. Inspection hurdles. Streamlining the closing process. We’re organized, responsive, and detail-oriented. Above all, we hustle.

Our success depends on yours, and nothing makes us happier than a satisfied client

In 2013, Real Living maintained an industry-leading customer satisfaction rating of 96 percent for the sixth straight year. Clients of Gene Montemore can tell you in their own words of their experience in working with us.

The Real Living brand and its innovative concepts were recognized as one of the best by Entrepreneur magazine; won the Inman Innovator Award, and was named “The Most Promising New National Brand” by the Swanepoel TRENDS Report. Real Living is now an affiliate of Berskshire Hathaway Home Services.

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