BrightNest for Homeowners

BrightNest is a “home health” tool for property owners to make sure their home stays in top shape.  BrightNest will send messages to you to let you know it’s time to change the air filters, check the smoke detectors, and more.  Their HomeFolio management system allows you to upload paint colors and store owner’s manuals online.  When you’re ready to sell, print your maintenance history to pdf and attach to your disclosure statement – build value and assure your buyers they are moving into a well cared-for home in top shape! Take a look this video, and the signup form is below. Share the link at

BrightNest also provides fun and helpful articles such as:

  • Remove Scratches From Wood Furniture
  • Conserve Water Like A Pro
  • Is Wood Flooring In The Bathroom a Major Mistake?
  • 9 Weird Ways Windex Works Around The House

Whether you’re at the office or on the go, BrightNest is available on desktop, iOS, and Android.